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Miss Hanna Banana Bunch Figural Bench!

Aren't Hanna Banana and her 'bunch' of friends adorable?! They will come in handy for a quick place to sit for putting on party shoes, clogs, slippers, or socks!

Hanna would love to have a permanent home in your little one's room - see how many tales your child can create about Hanna Banana and her 'bunch' of friends: A funny bedtime story or a tale about Hanna for pre-school! A story about Hanna and her 'bunch' of friends for story time or at a sleep-over! Creativity and fun are a definite with this gift!

Hand cut, finished, and finely hand painted, giving Hanna Banana and her friends Anna, Janna, and Shanna their own unique personalities! An accompanying booklet tells your little one about Hanna and each of her friends!

It is a one of a kind, of course. Let your little one decorate her own bedroom and show you where she wants her very own Hanna Banana bench!

Read on about this Banana Bunch!

Anna Banana
Anna loves to eat banana cream pie, use banana-flavored lip gloss, and read!

Hanna Banana
Hanna likes to draw and paint, play with her friends, eat banana flavored ice cream, and play with her dolls!

Janna Banana
Janna loves to play outside, eat bananas dipped in melted chocolate and nuts, play tricks on Shanna, and go to school!

Shanna Banana
Shanna likes to play in the snow! She also loves to make things, tell stories in class, and eat banana flavored yogurt!
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