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Our rich, exotic wood box collections are an indulgence for the discerning eye. Unique one of a kind pieces created from Nature's beautiful hardwoods. Come explore the vast range of our artistic exotic wood boxes.

We offer six distinct collections of wood boxes which come in two styles, with a lid or a pull-out drawer. Each box is absolutely unique; there is not another box like it in the world. When you own one, you will own the ONLY one!

(Please see the notes at the bottom concerning measurements.)

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Our *Woodland Heart* collection consists of beautiful heart forms from natural exotic woods which look like they should be nestled in woodland moss and polished by forest fairies.

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Birch Heart Box w/o center knot:
    Box: 3 L x 3 W x 23/4 H
    Interior: 2 L x 21/4 W x 13/4 D

Birch Heart Box w/ center knot:
    Box: 3 L x 3 W x 23/4 H
    Interior: 2 L x 21/4 W x 13/4 D

Birch Heart Box w/ heart drawer and fungi handle:
    Box: 41/4 H x 31/2 Diam
    Drawer: 11/2 L x 21/4 W x 21/4 D

Woodland Heart Locust Box:
    Box: 31/2 L x 23/4 W x 2 H
    Interior: 21/2 L x 2 W x 11/2 D

Woodland Heart Manzanita Box:
    Box: 33/4 L x 31/4 W x 31/2 H
    Interior: 3 L x 23/4 W x 21/2 D

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Our master woodworker appreciates exotic wood's natural forms, distinctive features and anomalies. He then creates uniquely artistic boxes to highlight each of these unique characteristics.

Rainbow & Wish artistic wood creations are a beautiful gift presentation for a young man, executive, a teenage boy or girl, your best friend, for any holiday or gift giving occasion. These are perfect for small wedding party gifts for the bride's and groom's attendants, a grandparents' anniversary party, and as party gifts for an Adirondack getaway reunion. {Please note that these boxes are not for children.}

As with all of Rainbow & Wish's pieces, the presentation of each box to the lucky recipient is an art in itself! You never know what to expect: an exotic wood box finely wrapped, nestled in a larger decorative handmade box filled with lush masculine shredded paper, or perhaps a feminine heart box surrounded by handmade paper carnations all snug within a handmade box. Enjoy! Our jewelry box collections make gift giving effortless and simple.

Notes on Measurements:

All dimensions listed below are in inches.
L: Length
W: Width
H: Height
D: Depth (used to measure drawer sizes)
Diam: Diameter on circular pieces.

The measurements are taken at the maximums because of the uneven, natural contours and cuts of the boxes.

Boxes with lids have Exterior or Box measurements, and Interior measurements.

Boxes with slider drawers have Drawer measurements instead of Interior.
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