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Featured Artist: William Bouguereau
William Bouguereau Biography (1825-1905) - by Damien Bartoli
(excerpted with permission of Fred Ross, Chairman of the Art Renewal Center)
For a period extending roughly from the beginning of the First World War to the 1980s, the number of people in American and Europe - especially in France - who were ever exposed to the name of William Bouguereau, were rare indeed. Fewer still were those who, driven by curiosity, had the opportunity of seeing a single photograph of his painting, let alone the real thing.

Only tiny black-and-white images offered in old dictionaries or art reference books could be found. And for the scarce paintings in French public collections, not one was exhibited. Rather, they were rolled up or stored without care or maintenance; tossed aside, pell-mell, with other equally despised academic paintings. They moldered eventually in the purgatory of provincial museums where only the "authorized" could view them, while uncooperative "officials" would not permit any careful examination.

And yet, Bouguereau was one of the most admired, listened-to, and envied artists at the end of the nineteenth century; as much by his peers as by the public who flocked each year to the Salon to admire the pictures that somehow “made” the event and which were often reproduced on the front page of magazines. Millions of his reproductions were avidly purchased for the homes of those who couldn't afford paintings. On the whole, his were the most expensive paintings and his clients were society’s wealthiest - Americans for the most part - who had to wait many months, even years, before they could finally get their hands on a single painting from the Master. And that, in spite of his prolific output of more than 800 works.
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