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Mini Canvases for kids!
Buy quality small pre-stretched canvases for your child to create his or her artwork on, as well as art paper. The canvas will give him or her confidence, and encourage creative control over his or her “personal canvas”. When completed, frame and hang it proudly on a designated “art display wall” of your child’s work. You will absolutely see his or her artistic progression as well as a big smile!
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Catalog and Archive
Always catalog the date, age and subject of each of your child’s works of art-you will be glad you did 30 years from now, and it encourages organization in children: they will enjoy pulling out a file of catalogued art works with title, date, medium used catalogued on each one for reference. Good habits start young!
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Pastels for kids!
Art should be a fun learning experience for young children and having the proper art supplies makes a big difference in their artistic development. For example, pastels are a lot better for young children to draw with as compared to crayons because they blend easier, they come in a wonderful range of hues, and they teach children to use their fingers to gradually blend colors to achieve certain affects on paper or canvas.
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Seek, Click, and Paint it!
With today’s digital cameras at all price levels, purchase one designed for young children, put it in your child’s hands and watch the creativity abound! Encourage your child to seek out interesting things to capture on camera-birds, butterflies, turtles, frogs, mountains, the clouds…print them and let your child then paint, draw or create pastel paintings of these great wonders of nature!
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Art Space
If space permits, designate an art space in your child’s play space and organize scads of paints, pastels, brushes, canvases, paper rolls, easel, and smock for your special little one to experience artistic freedom and creativity whenever he or she is so inclined.
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